Born in Aleppo – Syria 3 Dec.1984 (Armenian//Syrian)

Southampton Solent University – England BA in Marketing and Business Administration. Class of professional photography at Le Pont Art Gallery, Aleppo 2004. Additional courses in Introduction to Photography and Black & White Photography – Darkroom Techniques at the Arts Institute / Bournemouth University, England 2005

Previously participated exhibitions:

  • "Camera Souk" (collective photo exhibition) - Le Pont Gallery Aleppo 2007
  • Collective exhibition organized by Armenian University Youth Association of Aleppo at Levon Shant Hall 2007
  • 1st solo exhibition "CONVERSATION" (dedicated to deaf kids) at Art River Cafe/Gallery, Aleppo 2009
  • "Chain of Years", a contest/exhibition workshop organized by The British Council of Aleppo on the occasion of their 75th anniversary, Aleppo 2009
  • "Conversations" a mutual project in a collaboration with another deaf school in Scotland 2011
  • 2nd Solo Exhibition “if shoes had eyes+2” Naregatsi Art Gallery – Yerevan Armenia 2011
  • Collective exhibition “beirut Art Fair 2012” Artheum – beirut Lebanon
  • 3rd solo exhibition 2014- January. Czech republic “ MOUHARAMAT” Zámek Poruba – castle gallery
  • Collective exhibition Midden De Linie- Belgium - May 2014 Stedelijke Academie voor Schone Kuusten - Sint-Niklaas “ MOUHARAMAT”
  • Innovate Heritage - June 2014 Berlin- Germany “ MOUHARAMAT” - Innovate Heritage: Conversations between Arts and Heritage - Venue: ZK/U (Zentrum für Kunst und Urbanistik)
  • Syria off frame - Imago Mundi - Venice - Italy 2015
  • International Photo Festival Leiden - Leiden Netherland 2015
  • Refugiarte - Exposicion solidaria en ayuda a los refugiados y por los derechos humanos - Spain 2016
  • Immigrant art - Nordvest Bibliotek -Copenhagen Denmark Nov 2016
  • Inside outside - 53 Visual Reflections Galleriet –Copenhagen Denmark  January 2017 

I love photography because it taught me how to to admire. It has profoundly changed my perspective to life in order to express my feelings and display humanity with its different cultures using my own lenses; my eyes.
Eventually photography made me become who I am today; a better person.