International Photo Festival Leiden

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Leiden - Netherland
Saturday, October 10, 2015 to Saturday, October 31, 2015

Exhibition of 5 young Syrian photographers at IFL

The International Photo Festival Leiden addresses the current problems and turmoil in the Middle East in a cooperation with the director of the Photo Festival Aleppo, Issa Touma. The exhibition displays the work of 5 young Syrian photographers, each of whom gives a view on violence, devastation, refugees and daily life of the inhabitants of Aleppo.

30 years ago, Issa Touma owned the first photo gallery in the Middle East. Since 1997, he organizes the biggest photography event in the region every year: International Photo Festival Aleppo. Since the outbreak of the war, Issa Touma raises awareness for preservation of the culture of Aleppo and he developed Art Camping. Art Camping organizes cultural workshops and provides an outlet to young Syrians with various religious and ethnic backgrounds who are confronted with violence on a daily basis.