The city of Aleppo has always been a source of inspiration to me. As I drive through its streets, which are entrenched with history and stories, I realize how the sole most ignored structure art-wise is responsible for changing how the city looks, from one minute to the other.

Traffic lights draw attention, but are rarely drawn. They photograph offenders, but are rarely photographed, and yet they are a piece of magic which act as humans. We stop, when they tell us to, and we resume, when they light up in their majestic green. They also never fail to warn us with their warm orange.

Traffic lights are the story of my life, and of every human’s life as a matter of fact. They teach us the importance of time, and how to manage it. They teach us that sometimes, we should stop not to create chaos, and at others we should just drive towards our goals and destinations. They teach us to be patient , because one wrong foolish decision, can cost us a lifetime of experiences.

I do not know about you, but for me, those traffic lights are beautiful structures. They tell a million stories of our daily lives. I hope that my photographs will convey your own special million little stories



This project took part in a collective exhibition in Syria- Aleppo
Dark room was dedicated for this project.
Handmade traffic light outside, when it's green that's when you can walk in the room  
use headphones  :) and get lost

location : :NEW YORK (5th Avenue ) VS ALEPPO (sa3d allah jabri  )