God created Adam and Eve and gave them the option to choose, whether to eat from the forbidden tree or not.

What is the difference between choice and option?

Options exist before making choices.

An Option is the least of the two items from a list which you have the free will to choose from.

A Choice is deciding consciously what you want from the options you have.

We face many options in our daily lives.

My project supports a personal story based on options and therefore, I have decided to call it OPTION-gram . I looked around and saw people's faces puzzeled with decisions they have to take and options to choose from, while each one having a unique story of their own.

I believe circumstances somehow force us to face our decisions with awareness but sometimes we choose option A and think what if we had chosen B , or sometimes we pick one of them just to set ourselves free.

The purpose of my project is: I forgive myself , I forgive you and I set myself free and I am in peace with my option.

This is an open campaign, whether related to our daily life, political issues, purchasing an item, choosing your partner, you name it!

Happy conscious choosing